“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.” (Bill Gates)

With the rapid rise of technology and the effect that is had on business, managed IT services are becoming more important than ever.

Wherever your business is located, be it Cincinnati, Columbus, or Cleveland, chances are, you are going to require the services of information technology professionals.

There are a bevy of different scenarios where it would be beneficial to have capable IT staff with the requisite skills and knowledge ready, willing, and able to assist you and your employees. Here are some examples in no particular order.

Blue Screen of Death 

For those familiar with personal computers, the blue screen of death can be a notorious thorn in their side. Occurring as the result of an exception error, or a stop error, a blue screen of death is indicative of a system crash, where the operating system can no longer safely operate. IT help desks are well-versed in this type of problem and will usually have a special section dedicated to fixing this exact issue. 

User is Unable to Log In 

This is a frequent problem that may have a straightforward solution. Whether the problem is with the password (caps lock accidentally on, forgotten password) or the user being kicked due to inactivity, or if it is something else entirely, the IT desk should be able to remedy the issue.  

Computer Randomly Shuts Down

Like the blue screen of death, this issue could be caused by several different factors. The problem could be caused by dust buildup inside the computer itself causing it to overheat, or due to power supply issues, driver issues, or even malware. An IT help desk would likely want you to check the computer’s exhaust fan first, and if that is clear, then rule out the other causes, until the problem is correctly diagnosed.

Unable to Receive Email

This can be caused by anything from a full mailbox or antivirus software. There are several other possible causes for this issue as well. Disabling antivirus software and troubleshooting doesn’t come easily to those who have a love-hate relationship with technology, and IT experts can provide a simpler step-by-step process for users. 

Unable to Send Email

This issue is often related to a user’s SMTP server. The SMTP server is the one that takes care of the email sending process. If the issue is with the server, changing the configuration or switching to a professional server can help. There are other issues that can cause this, and BlueBridge Networks IT helpdesk can find those for you 

Printer Predicaments

Next to the computers themselves, the printers are some of the most critical instruments in the office. Their smooth functioning is paramount, but because of how much they are used, issues can and do arise. Whether it’s trying to add printers to the network, fixing a paper jam, or figuring out which ink cartridge each printer takes, printer problems can slow your business’s efficiency. An IT help desk would be able to solve any of the above problems and provide helpful information to deal with any future issues. 

The Internet is Slow

Having sluggish internet speeds could be due to a multitude of factors. It could be because of spotty wi-fi coverage, or it could be due to the user having too many windows open while they are online. A third scenario is the presence of malware. Whatever the case may be, an IT help desk can assist you with these problems. This includes tips on how to avoid certain infected websites, how to get the best wi-fi signal coverage, or if you need to increase your bandwidth. 

Retrieving “Lost” Files

Throughout the course of their work, it is possible that a user could accidentally delete something important or send something to the recycle bin that they didn’t mean to. The IT help desk can assist the user by calmly presenting the different ways to retrieve the data. Depending on when the files were lost, the helpdesk may be able to restore that single file or the IT professional might also recommend restoring the whole system to a previous date. 

USB Device Is Not Being Recognized

While this could be a fix as simple as trying an alternate USB port, or a different USB device. If the problem is more complex, the IT help desk would be able to provide some advanced troubleshooting. Also remember not to use random USB sticks that you have found somewhere, they could contain malware. 

Lifecycle Management

In a lifecycle management approach, everything is scheduled, predicted, and planned for. When you experience hardware failure, solutions to get your business back online quickly can be extremely expensive because costs are typically much higher when running in crisis mode. When you have a plan, you can take your time to choose the best solution, not just what you can get delivered by tomorrow. 

A Solution  

If you run or manage a small- to medium-sized business in Cleveland, chances are you don’t have the budget for a full, in-house IT staff. But, in the business realm, IT problems are inevitable. So, keeping in mind the size of your company, you would probably want to minimize the downtime and the potential revenue loss. that your employees have. You wouldn’t want to experience a dip in their productivity which could subsequently put a dent in your bottom line.

So, what do you do? What is the solution? Is it an automated chat bot that redirects you to “troubleshooting” and “help” articles? No! What if there were a professional service that you could call whenever an IT issue popped up and they could walk you through how to fix or solve the problem via remote support?

Wouldn’t that be a superior solution? It is within your reach and available to you. Consider using a managed services provider!

With the BlueBridge Networks IT Helpdesk solution, you get a real help desk staffed by real people.

We are the information technology professionals with the skills, knowledge, and patience to help your company and its employees navigate any technical issue that you happen to stumble across. Do you have an urgent IT problem? Contact us now!