Server Virtualization

Reclaim your resources.

Server and storage technology is advancing at an alarming rate, which means more and more businesses are seeing their storage, server and IT footprint sprawling out of control. For companies that are still using dedicated servers for each application, supporting this data is becoming increasingly expensive, inefficient and difficult to manage.

BlueBridge Networks has the solution in our virtualization practice. Instead of adding another server, companies now have the tools, software, applications and vendor solutions at their disposal to maximize their storage footprint. Through virtualization, our customers reclaim their resources and data center real estate for cost savings and improved performance.

Maximize your IT footprint.

Whether businesses want to increase flexibility, improve uptime or simply reduce capital and operating expenses, BlueBridge Networks can help them accomplish these goals with our virtualization solutions.

Using virtualization, organizations can simplify and streamline their IT infrastructure. By increasing application availability and improving server utilization, virtualization shortens recovery windows to increase business continuity. It also drastically reduces the time required for administrative tasks, freeing up employees to focus on customer and business needs.

Virtualize your data inside “The Ohio Cloud”

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Are you uncertain how to use cloud computing in your business? Talk to our engineers and they will have all the answers you are looking for.