BlueBridge Data Migration Service

Do you have a server living on end-of-life hardware?

Are you at a resource limit with your current environment?

Tired of managing and maintaining physical infrastructure?

Performing Data Center and Cloud migrations has never been easier with the aid and assistance of your BlueBridge Cloud Team.

We specialize in shifting your production workloads, no matter the location, whether it be physical or virtual, with near-zero downtime.

BlueBridge utilizes innovative system migration software across multiple operating systems, on any hardware or storage platform, and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment. We have migrated a litany of enterprises into our Cloud with success. Your key benefits include:

Anything-to-Anything, Anywhere-to-Anywhere Migrations

Migrate to any physical, virtual or cloud platform, even if the hardware is different

Total Workload Mobility

Automated cutover when you’re ready. Migrations won’t disrupt users on production systems

Near-zero downtime migrations

Captures all changes users make during the migration and replicates them to the new server in real time. Migrates entire Windows/Linux servers

Efficient Consolidation

WAN-efficient compression and encryption. You control how much bandwidth migrations can consume

We are migrating you to “The Ohio Cloud”

Just like you, we live in Ohio and operate from Cleveland and Columbus.

Are you uncertain how to use cloud computing in your business? Talk to our engineers and they will have all the answers you are looking for.