Have you ever wondered, “What is IT patching, and why should I care?”

In this article, I’ll cover why IT patching and monitoring is important, go over some statistics, and  recommend a monitoring solution so good that you’ll never need another monitoring system again.

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Why You Need Patching and Monitoring

Most people and businesses know that patching and monitoring is important, but what they don’t know is just how important it is. 

A whopping 80% of companies who had a data breach or failed audit could have prevented it by regularly patching/updating their software. If you’re not patching your systems regularly, you’re leaving your business in a vulnerable state. Statistics show that hackers and bad actors will take advantage: 20% of all vulnerabilities are classified as High Risk or Critical. 

IT monitoring is the process of gathering metrics about IT hardware and software to ensure everything is running just as it should. This can include network monitoring to seek out issues caused by failing network components and security breaches and patch management to ensure that updates and bug fixes are properly installed. A good patching and monitoring system can be a lifesaver.

Best Patching and Monitoring System

If you’re convinced that it’s important to monitor and patch your software regularly, you’d probably like to know which system is the best.

You’re in luck: I highly recommend LogicMonitor for patching and monitoring.

Here’s why:

You can monitor complex and hybrid environments.

Monitoring is an important part of our managed IT services offering. We recommend it to all of our clients just because it is such an integral part of a comprehensive business IT strategy.

Before we started using LogicMonitor at BlueBridge, we had to use several different monitoring solutions to accommodate our physical data centers as well as our cloud-based systems. All of these monitoring systems had to be accessed individually and we weren’t able to consolidate or share data.

This became a real strain on our resources, and we wanted to simplify the process. LogicMonitor was the solution to our problems. 

LogicMonitor saves time.

Working with each monitoring tool was almost a full-time job. Being able to use LogicMonitor cut down our time and allowed us to use those opportunity costs to better serve our customers instead of wasting time checking several monitoring systems.

LogicMonitor increases sales conversions.

LogicMonitor’s SaaS Monitoring has become a huge selling point for us. We show it to all of our customers and future clients, and they love it because it consolidates a huge amount of monitoring tasks into a single pane of glass. We don’t blame them – we love LogicMonitor too!

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