Unfortunately, alertness levels decline over time. We can change that.


Introducing Staff Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Date: October 6th
Time: 2pm- 3pm
Where: We are meeting virtually on zoom

Conducting cyber security training for your staff members has many benefits for your company.  

It teaches employees to recognize phishing emails and fraudulent sites and in turn may help prevent cyber-crime and the theft of confidential information. 

Research shows that companies with proper training are more effective at preventing malware infections and stopping data breaches. 

During our upcoming webinar on October 6th. we demonstrate how to use our highly efficient staff training tool.

We give you an inside look into our platform and show you how it puts cyber security awareness in your company on autopilot. Be prepared to learn the latest about how our system keeps each of your employees informed and alert.

After the back-end demonstration, we will have a brief Q&A session with our experts Steve Grossenbaugh and Jeremy Dodge.

This is how it works

Our training tool sends emails to all enrolled employees. The emails contain a lure that is designed with the most recent exploiting methods in mind. However, when an employee catches the bait, instead of stealing your login data, our tool educates the employee about the threat.

Your IT staff receives reports about each employee’s behavior and logs if they passed the test or not. This way you get a good overview of the overall awareness level of your staff.  

Why you should implement ongoing staff training

Training will ensure that all staff members receive the same information and are familiar with the best practices for protecting themselves on devices they use in the workplace and at home. The training is useful for new hires, too. 

Implementing ongoing training for your employees shows that your business takes employee safety and education seriously. It keeps your company from being viewed as negligent by auditors or government inspection agencies.

In some cases, cyber security training may even help lower insurance premiums by reducing the liability risk of insuring large numbers of employees. You might want to check with your insurance on that. 

Overall, it will strengthen cyber security culture in your organization, a particularly crucial step. 

Cyber security is an ever-changing field and it’s necessary to keep up to date. The more accurate information your staff receives about cyber security risks, the easier it will be to protect against them. 

Vigilant employees help to lower security breach costs because they have learned how to recognize potential threats. This also means that your employees learn how to handle time-sensitive issues concerning security breaches. Cyber security experts agree that the sooner a potential threat is identified the better. 

We are looking forward to seeing you during our webinar. Please use the form below to register for the event. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. 

This webinar is is for business owners, CEO’s and IT professionals.

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