Learn how to protect your workforce from malicious emails.

We offer simple and affordable ways for businesses like yours to stay on top of the latest threats by sending training emails on a regular basis. Those emails emulate a real phishing attack in which cyber criminals would try to use your employees to gain access to your computer systems.  

The goal is for your employee to spot them and react in the proper way. If they take our bait, they will be redirected to an educational video that explains what just happened and how they can be more careful in the future. 

Our training tool sends emails to all enrolled employees. The emails contain a lure that is designed with the most recent exploiting methods in mind. However, when an employee catches the bait, instead of stealing your login data, our tool educates the employee about the threat.

Your IT staff receives reports about each employee’s behavior and logs if they passed the test or not. This way you get a good overview of the overall awareness level of your staff.  

We offer affordable and convenient cyber security awareness training on the individual staff level. Our courses are interactive and engaging so your staff won’t get bored or lose focus during the session.

Our team is here to guide you. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please schedule an appointment for your personal consultation on Knowbe4.