What if your data is encrypted?

Have you ever asked yourself what to do or how to prepare for such a scenario?

The odds of falling victim to a ransomware attack are getting higher and higher. 

This year alone, there was a pipeline shut down in Texas due to ransomware, which led people to hoard gasoline (even in plastic bags). Only a $4.4 million payment ended the shut down and food producer JBS recently paid $11 million, one of the highest sums to date. 

But, make no mistake thinking you can’t become a target because your business is too small or not in the public eye.  

Ransomware attackers will adjust their demand according to your business size. After all, they have been able to study your internal documents and will be perfectly capable of sizing out your financial abilities.  

And these attackers are essentially just criminals in a country that does not extradite their citizens to the United States. They are renting a digital tool that lets them freeze your data and are bound to pay commission to the hacking group that coded it.  

This is how they do it:

Think of this as a Netflix subscription for criminals, they can sign up and start holding businesses hostage. Most of them don’t understand the technology themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have parked their crypto money in a wallet that was based in the United States. The FBI could not have recovered the money if they had downloaded the money into their local wallet. Did you read that in the newspaper, the pipeline case? 

This is what we are all up against now and even more in the future.

The convenience for criminals to rob you from far away is high and that is why ransomware tools will only become more and more popular with criminals.  

It is never a good time to start spending more money on a potential disaster that could happen in the future. But believe me when I say, the right time to take action against ransomware is NOW. 

That is why we are inviting you to attend our quick and engaging briefing at the end of July.

This ransomware awareness briefing is for business owners, CEO’s and their IT staff.

We will have a short presentation about the current threat levels and will end it with a Q&A session. 

BlueBridge offers Managed Cyber Security.

This event is in the past.