Implementation Services

Getting the job done … right.

As technology evolves at an ever-increasing rate, having the in-house skills to understand the impact and importance of upgrading to the latest platforms can be difficult and costly to obtain.

At BlueBridge, we believe even the greatest product in the world can’t reach its full potential if it’s not implemented properly and its managers properly trained. That’s why we offer cradle to grave design, implementation and training services for each BlueBridge solution vertical.

Our process starts with our local pre-sales engineering team, assisting with education and design of the solution. From there, depending on need, we craft a custom scope of work for implementation and training to be executed once the product arrives. Our pre-sales engineers and implementation teams work hand-in-hand during the process to ensure nothing is missed as the project goes from design to execution.

We Call It “The Ohio Cloud”

Just like you, we live in Ohio and operate from Cleveland and Columbus.

Are you uncertain how to use cloud computing in your business? Talk to our engineers and they will have all the answers you are looking for.