Hosting the “Ohio Cloud”

With innovation happening every second of every minute, it’s easy to get lost in the technicality of technology. If you send your data and information to Google or Amazon, do you know where you are sending it to? Can you point to your data in the cloud?

Send your data to BlueBridge Networks, and it’s right up the street.

Today, the things that seem elementary in technology are instrumental in operation excellence: face to face communication with your strategic partner, technical strategic discussions, white boarding, brainstorming, and intuition. Who is the best partner to host your solution? A company that acts as an extension of your staff, that is integrated, that knows your business objectives, and understands what you need when you need it.


Power is king. Without power, it doesn’t matter how new, cutting-edge or sophisticated a company’s technology systems and solutions are. Without power, none of these things are possible.

At BlueBridge, our Industrial class Uninterruptable Power Systems [UPS] are supplied by diversely distributed utility power and backed up by two of the largest diesel generators in the region. In emergency situations, we supply the region’s 911 Emergency Services Response Center with emergency generator power. Our customers enjoy an advantage over other data centers in these cases due to a priority status conferred upon BlueBridge by refueling providers.

Our customer power distribution options include:

•     Both “A” and “A+B” options available
•     120VAC and 208VAC options available
•     3 Phase power options available


The BlueBridge business model is focused on a single, central objective: Maximizing uptime for our customers. Using our proactive, state-of-the-art electronic monitoring system, our personnel and our customers can constantly track changes in electrical load levels for every individual branch circuit. This system also allows BlueBridge engineers to “model” changes to the electrical infrastructure before actual changes are made. This provides an invaluable tool for detecting and identifying potential problems before new systems are deployed to the environment.


The entire BlueBridge team is committed to act as trusted stewards to our customers and communities. As a data center, we know that we are a big user of power. So we’ve spent millions of dollars investing in our facilities and updating our infrastructure to delivering this power in clean and efficient ways. For example, using 300 tons of HVAC cooling distributed via a pressurized downdraft system, we maintain constant temperature and humidity control of the data center. By keeping costs down and improving efficiencies, we keep the best interests of our customers in mind while minimizing our carbon footprint.


The data center is protected by a state-of-the-art laser air sampling fire detection technology, which is backed by a pre-action, double interlocked dry pipe fire protection system. With a laser air sampling system capable of detecting particles of combustion as low as 0.0015%/ft (0.005%/m), our warning system is 2000 times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors. The higher sensitivity of the detector allows it to detect low energy fires even in high airflow environments that typically dilute smoke concentrations.


BlueBridge maintains a 24-7 onsite Network Operations Center (NOC), which monitors the security and video systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There is no access to the data center off hours that is unescorted. The state-of-the-art DSX security system maintains access control to authorized personnel via proximity card and key pad at all data center entrances. A violation of the systems protocol automatically triggers an alarm that is monitored by two redundant and geographically diverse monitoring centers. Video surveillance is applied at every entrance and throughout the data center facility, with all recorded archives maintained for 90 days.

Outside of normal business hours, BlueBridge employs physical security to perform regular patrols of the data center. An hourly patrol of the entire building occurs from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and around the clock on weekends and holidays. Uniformed lobby security guards also control access to the building entrances and elevators after hours as well as during weekends and holidays.


The data center perimeter is constructed with two physical layers of concrete reinforced material. In addition, the two physical layers of doors to the data center are made from heavy gauge steel with security-grade construction.

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We Call It “The Ohio Cloud”

Just like you, we live in Ohio and operate from Cleveland and Columbus.

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