Managed Storage

Know Where Your Archive Lives – Protect Your Data

BlueVault managed storage is optimized for both Windows and Linux and is a cost-effective VM aware backup archive solution. BlueBridge offers a cloud-based, disk-to-disk product for on- and off-premise customers.

With BlueVault in place, your data is highly available and easily  manageable at all times. It works in physical as well as virtual environments and is a versatile solution that keeps your data secure. BlueVault utilizes enterprise storage, compression, de-duplication, encryption and synthetic full backups.

This solution helps ensure that customers remain PCI, HIPAA and SOC compliant with our reporting and monitoring features

Our BlueBridge team of engineers takes a consultative approach with consideration to topology, design and implementation, which gets you started in a timely manner. BlueVault features your customized daily reports, rollback and recovery support as well as access to our help desk 24 hours every day of the week.

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