Virtual Data Center

To help our customers reclaim their resources and achieve savings, BlueBridge Networks offers our data center in the cloud.

Utilizing various cloud platforms and rich feature sets, BlueBridge makes data management simple and cost effective for our customers. We know that IT departments would rather focus on their company’s innovation than spend time on IT upkeep and updates. By moving their data to the cloud, we help our customers save money on utilities, maintenance and their physical infrastructure, while shrinking deployment windows and virtual machine downtime. Our platform specifications include:

  • Support for various OS’s
  • Full 24-7 virtual layer monitoring
  • Connectivity to multiple carriers
  • Managed and dedicated firewalls
  • A secure dedicated environment
  • Enterprise-class servers
  • High-performance storage
  • Proven SLA

Could your organization save money by going virtual? Contact us to discuss your virtual data center cloud options.



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