Cloud Computing

Companies and individuals have a wide range of IT needs. Cloud hosting services add additional flexibilities and make it easier for businesses to scale their IT infrastructure efficiently over time. That’s why many of them are now pursuing cloud computing as a way to take advantage of the affordable, managed IT services in the market. BlueBridge Networks helps our customers create sustainable IT infrastructure in the cloud through a host of cloud computing solutions, including:

  • Virtual Data Center Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Storage, Backup & Replication
  • Cloud Migration Capabilities (Anything to Anywhere)

BlueBridge Cloud Solution

Classified as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud computing leverages the efficient pooling of an on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure. At BlueBridge, we’ve developed an innovative enterprise cloud-based solution for companies looking to save cost and improve IT efficiencies through cloud computing.

Our BlueBridge Cloud solution allows companies to turn their resources up or down as demand fluctuates while accessing storage space, bandwidth, application and software capabilities they need to run their business efficiently. Whether our customers are looking for a turn-key virtual data center replacement, a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity platform in the cloud, or simply project based compute and storage, we have a solution to fit their needs.

Scalable, Flexible, Resilient 

BlueBridge Cloud can scale with your business. By partnering with a data center cloud service provider to host your solution off-site, you can save the time and money it would take to manage it manually. With a flexible, “pay as you grow” model, you’ll enjoy the cost savings of only paying for the services that you use. Using a provider who owns and operates its own infrastructure to host your applications and data allows you to provide employees constant mobile access to your virtual environment. BlueBridge Customers are able to access essential documents, applications and data on demand.

Learn more about the cloud and its commonly used terminology in our Cloud As Easy as 1, 2, 3 Glossary.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, BlueBridge Networks is the region’s leading total technology solutions provider.

Our company’s best-in-class Data Center Services, including Cloud Computing, Hosting, Collocation, Virtualization, Migration and Managed Services, Disaster Recovery, Managed Storage, Backups, Replication and Managed Security Services, maximize the opportunity for businesses to get their messages across, save cost and remain highly available for their customers. With a network of state-of-the-art, geographically diverse collocation facilities located in Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, and Columbus, BlueBridge maintains the highest standards for uptime, quality and service, backed by the most powerful Service Level Guarantees in the industry.


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