Managed Server Services

BlueBridge Managed Server Services provides for the day-to-day support of the server OS within virtualized environments located in any BlueBridge data center. This service includes the following functions:• Auditing, normalization and tuning of the current services to meet minimum standards of new deployments (existing servers)

• System and Performance Monitoring (including ticket creation and escalation) Utilizing LogicMonitor, included with each instance of a Managed Server

• Patch management and deployment – OS Patch Management Service is included with each instance of a Managed Server. BlueBridge will conduct patches monthly. Customer will be notified should that schedule need to change.

• Local resource management (CPU, memory, disk)

• Configuration of DNS and NTP (time) service sources

• Configuration of AD/domain membership where applicable

• Installation and configuration of applicable BlueBridge Management tools and user accounts/groups related to:


Patch Management

Anti-Virus (Symantec Endpoint Protection)

• Maintain basic system inventory. This includes items such as Machine Name, OS type, Memory, processor and disk information.

• Detailed troubleshooting

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