Workgroup Recovery

Call in backup.

Do you have a "Plan B?"
For businesses today,
the key to survival lies with their ability to remain operational. When disaster strikes, having a viable Plan B is critical for avoiding a negative impact on business functions, data, and the bottom line. BlueBridge Networks helps companies plan for the adverse scenarios when their facilities and infrastructure may be compromised.

What are the benefits of WorkGroup Recovery?

There will be times when face-to-face meetings are required in order to brainstorm, strategize and perform day-to-day operations. From a business continuation standpoint, a disaster may make these interactions nearly impossible. In the case of a fire, tornado or loss of power, companies need a facility where their employees can go to conduct business as usual.

BlueBridge Networks provides this with our Workgroup Recovery solution. We'll give you an easily accessible, secure location where you can immediately:

  • Move your key staff members 
  • Access necessary office amenities and data
  • Resume business operations

By leveraging our assets and infrastructure, our customers are able to maintain continuity of business operations while working to restore their permanent office space.


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