Managed Security

Having the systems and power to keep our customers' businesses humming means nothing if they've got a revolving door when it comes to security. No matter their industry, companies today must take steps to protect their critical data and information from inevitable security threats.

Using our Managed Security layered defense model, BlueBridge Networks helps companies build a comprehensive security platform to eliminate any vulnerable areas. This model includes:

Regulatory Compliant Network Systems: Many companies need to improve the security of their internal data networks to comply with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). BlueBridge can help these businesses design and implement “best-in-class” security solutions to cover their exposure under this legislation.

Managed Routers and Firewalls (MFW): BlueBridge offers management, monitoring and maintenance around all aspects of a company's edge router and firewall or firewall cluster. These services not only keep our customers' networks secure, but also inform them of what is happening on "the edge” in real time.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): An alternative to using a dedicated, leased access line, Managed Security VPN uses connections routed through the Internet from the organization’s private network. This creates a secure VPN to a remote site or employee.

Managed Intrusion Detection & Protection Service (MIDPS): BlueBridge monitors critical points in a company's network and compares the traffic patterns to known and suspicious attack patterns. Our specialists monitor this network activity and determine - based on the contents - whether to generate an alert at either the IP or application level.

Managed Traffic Analyzer (MTA): This tool is a service implemented in the core functionality of the Network Security Appliance. The main mechanics of the system include a Real Time Usage Aggregator and an IP/PORT tracker. These engines work independently of each other with minimum performance penalty or network degradation.

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