Data Center Services

At BlueBridge Networks, we know that our customers face all kinds of challenges in running their businesses day to day. Business leaders can't afford to worry constantly if their data is safe or if their systems are reliable. Statistics show that after seven days down, companies have a 90 percent chance of bankruptcy in one year.

BlueBridge utilizes our robust infrastructure and established expertise to keep companies protected, whether we're hosting their solutions, monitoring your security or developing cloud migration plans. 

Improve your efficiencies and reduce costs with BlueBridge data center services, including:

  • Data Center Hosting & Collocation
  • Network
  • Managed Security
  • Virtual Data Center Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Storage, Backup & Replication
  • Cloud Migration Capabilities (Anything to Anywhere)

Our company's best-in-class Data Center Services, including Cloud Computing, Hosting, Collocation, Virtualization, Migration Services, Disaster Recovery, Managed Storage, Backups, Replication and Managed Security Services, maximize the opportunity for businesses to get their messages across, save cost and remain highly available for their customers. With a network of state-of-the-art, geographically diverse collocation facilities located in Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, and Columbus, BlueBridge maintains the highest standards for uptime, quality and service, backed by the most powerful Service Level Guarantees in the industry.


BlueBridge Networks has its Data Center Flagships in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio and access to various Cloud Nodes in cities in Canada and across the United States.

Landerbrook Datacenter

How to Choose a Data Center

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