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BlueBridge Networks is constantly engaging new carriers to enhance connectivity for our customers. By staying carrier neutral, we're able to access more than 200 last mile carriers and all of the major providers, ensuring that our customers' data and information always has a route to reach its destination.

What is BGP dedicated Internet access?

When your company's Internet is down, it’s down. But with BlueBridge BGP dedicated Internet access, business don't have to rely on just one Internet service provider to keep their network up and running. This Internet solution allows us to seamlessly reroute our customers to other top tier carriers in the case of a service outage. If one provider goes down, we'll find the shortest, most efficient path to redirect network traffic without any interruption in service.  

Why do I need multiple carriers?

Many Internet service providers traverse one another, so you may think you have redundancy when you don't. With access to multiple carriers, BlueBridge customers are not affected by an outage from one provider because their information is automatically rerouted to other business providers.

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