Dedicated Virtual Server (DVS)

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Companies don't need to let IT acquisition costs get in the way of doing business or pay for server resources that they aren't using. But many of them aren't aware that there are other options.

BlueBridge Networks has the enterprise-level IT platforms that can help businesses control costs and customize their operating resources based on  their growing needs.

Why use a dedicated virtual server (DVS)?

Our Dedicated Virtual Server offering is an alternative to hosting a physical server. A DVS offers many of the attributes of dedicated servers, including administrator access and dedicated IP addresses. Although users share a host server, each DVS is isolated, giving each user full control over the server space. This ensures consistency and performance even during peak times on the host server.

With low cost and high value, the DVS solution provides a company all of the benefits of an enterprise-level environment in a Tier III data center; and best of all, it requires zero infrastructure investment.

About VMware's vSphere

Running VMware's vSphere platform, you will have full control of your environment at the OS level. Our pre-engineered offerings are sized to fit most IT needs, short- and long-term. Features include daily snapshots with weekly archiving and 24-hour support year-round. And by housing the host infrastructure in our Tier III data center, we can maintain a company's security, power and network uptime around the clock.

Start creating your customized virtual server environment at a price point that fits your budget. Contact us to learn more.


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